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Auto-resizing Columns


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Ooh... I was just playing with foobar2000 with ColumnsUI, and I noticed that there was something about the columns that I always liked from ColumnsUI that would be kinda cool in µTorrent as well... The resizing columns! When you resize the window, the columns adjust their widths to stay fitting the listbox without causing a horizontal scrollbar (In the newer builds of the ColumnsUI, the option is called "Auto-size columns to use all space", in case someone doesn't know what I'm talking about). This isn't really essential, but is a nice touch.

I find it tiresome that I have to resize my window to fit the columns (or the columns to fit the window) in such a way that a horizontal scrollbar doesn't appear, and think this might be a little nifty... Resizing to fit is usually the only reason I have to resize my columns in the first place.

If ludde does decide to implement this, I'll just point out a few little things:

1) [captain-obvious]Make it optional[/captain-obvious] That way people who use a lot of columns can't complain xP

2) If this option is turned on, it should work in the other listboxes as well (Peers tab, Pieces tab, Files tab, pre-download dialog's file list)... maybe the advanced options listbox can be an exception.

3) It automatically resizes the columns to fit the listbox's entire visible width

4) If you get a vertical scrollbar, the columns should resize properly so that they don't get hidden behind the vertical scrollbar (thus displaying a horizontal scrollbar -- defeating the purpose)

Heh I wonder if this is bloat-y... =P

About "little thing" 4... I notice (on my 2 minute run of the beta) that the new pre-downloading dialog's list of files behaves like what I'm describing as bad in the fourth item on the list above. It defaults to the entire width of the listbox itself (not the viewable area), and when a vertical scrollbar appears (a list with a lot of files), the horizontal scrollbar appears. Heh I mentioned this in the beta thread, but it was quickly buried under other posts, so it appeared to have been missed =P

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