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Utorrent freeze upon download


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Hello all! thought I'd try my queries here.

I've been having some weird problems for the past few days now. it started with Azureus on Saturday (I think), so I tried switching to uTorrent, but same thing happened...

After between 2 and 15 minutes of downloading and seeding torrents, my computer freezes completely, requiring me to hard reboot. Every 9 or 10 tries, it works perfectly. I have absolutely no idea what the cause is: I was running Azureus for months before it happened. I've tried all sorts of things to get it working again - reducing the number of connections, fully uninstalling avast, clean format, removing sound card, removing 1 stick of RAM (which oddly seemed to work, altouh I know there's nothing wrong with the RAM - ran a memtest on it), changed the port forwarding, encrypted the data being send & received, and some others. the only thing i have come up with is this in the Event viewer:

TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts.

Now, I know there's LOADS of people with the same problem, but I can't seem to suss this problem out! Would anyone please help me on this? It only crashes when I'm using a torrent!

Thanks! here's my (relevent) system just in case

Vista Home Premium x64


4gb DDR2 memory

ralink RT61 Wireless card

belkin F5D7632-4uk3000

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Hi, sorry Jewelisheaven, I was JUST about to edit my post, as I knew you'd ask that


Yes, I've tried the new drivers,, dated 10/03/2008, which i discovered on these forums yesterday. I can't find any more up-to-date drivers. I've also been through all the program problems - as I mentioned, this is a clean install, with the only third-party program running is avg (oh, and uTorrent), still no luck.

Could there be another solution?

Thank you, and sorry for wasting peoples' time.

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That's fair enough. I will try using a cable, and if I come up with anything, I'll post.



Hey, I just thought I'd add a quick message to this post, regarding Ralink RT61 Wireless card. I realised that after doing a driver update for said card, that's when my problems of the computer locking up happened, and I was receiving the error:

TCP/IP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent TCP connect attempts.

Now, I updated the drivers further as noted in another thread, but the problem persisted. Maybe my card is broke? Or it's just this particular range of cards... Anyhow, I simply started to use a wire through my router, and it works perfectly. Actually, it works the best it's worked ever! I've not had one crash yet in 3 days, and I've tried it pretty much solid since then. Cheers jewelisheaven, I think I'll be joining you in not using wireless for quite some time!

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