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Need some help


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Every time i exit uTorrent it gives me the error.

Unable to save the resume file. Some data may be lost.

Another Program might have the file open or the disk is full. Please correct this and click retry if you press cancel the resume file will not be saved.

And then when i start it again the newest torrents wont save and some torrents that i have downloaded and are at 100% go back to maybe 50% or what ever it was when i last restarted the client.

There isn't another program using the file im downloading nor is the disk even close to be full.

So can someone help me ?

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WHere are you running uT from? what do you mean ?

Did you override the default save location in %APPDATA%\uTorrent ? if you mean did i select another folder then yes My Docs \ My Downloads

Are you on Vista? hell no

You should double check your settings.dat location to make sure the folder and your files are not read-only. hmm ?

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