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NVIDIA question


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I updated my driver for this controller and did not get an option for "NAM". I got options for these four items:

1) NVIDIA Smbus driver

2) NVIDIA SMU driver

3) NVIDIA ethernet driver

4) NVIDIA media shield

Are any of those the culprit? I think it might be item 4, but I'm not going to mess around until I know for sure.

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nvidia firewall refers to their 'activearmour' firewall which is supported on select nforce4 chipsets. it is not present on the 6 or 7 series motherboards however NAM is, and none of of components listed in the post above constitutes a hardware firewall. the media shield refers to nvidia RAID implementation only. NAM is required for enabling teaming and packet acceleration on user selected files for instance, perhaps uTorrent incorrectly detects a firewall just becuase nvidia drivers are present?

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