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Slackware DL....50 kB....all others....7 kB


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This must be a clue to my speed issues. Initially the slackware torrent goes to well over 300 kB and immediately settles to around 50 kB. That runs for about 5 minutes and then goes to around 20 kB for five minutes. Then back up to 50 kB and the pattern repeats.

My other torrents start at around .01 kB and after a few minutes reaches 10 kB. Eventually it oscillates right around 7 kB.

I still have the yellow button that reads I don't have any incoming connections.

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It isn't SAT. The Motorola device looks like SAT but it is not.

If you'd read more and be less desirous of being the forum police, you might take the time to take your own advice to others. Namely to READ the links others leave for you.

So, help or don't help. but spare me the lectures.

And to answer your question, I started a new thread because it's a differnt question and I don't want the other one buried.

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