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[DON'T USE] Mini-guide to help all of you with your speed problems...


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1c3d0g please see the end of topic "Questions:why cache size limit? limited dl speeds? and torrent users?" For solutions that may be applicable to everyone with fat pipes and might be added as an appendix to the mini guide.

Tks for all the Help and FAQ in the mini guide

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Who can give me some advice?

Follow the settings that the speed guide CTRL+G are saying is good for your UPloadspeed.

If everything with your networksettings is okay (e.g. Green ball at the bottom) than u can do nothing bout the speed. your Dl speed depends tehn on the swarm. When u have a swarm where no fast seeder is in it nothing you can do bout that.

For speed testing purposes try a DL from legaltorrents.com. They have a high speed peer conected to internet backbone in de nederlands. If everthing is okay with your settings this peer will max out your DL capabilities for shure!

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My connection speed is 10MB Down and 1MB Up.

Previously, when I uses UT, I can see DL of up to 600kB/s but recently, after I reformatted my windows, the max i get is 160kB/s.

I tried your guide and did everything as you suggested. The only problem I face now is....the calculation.

I would appreciate if you could help me further and give me a more specific figure for my configuration.

Lastly, I am using the Geforce 6600GT. I visited the site you recommended but am unable to look for the firewall section of my video card settings/properties.

I guess after rectifying these 2 issues, I should be a very happy guy - the same as fellow utorrentians.

Thank you in advance.

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Just wanted to say many, many thanks for this guide. I just started using utorrent after having it recommended to me by a freind, and wasn't very impressed as I could onlky get max speeds of about 4kb/s however many seeds & peers there were! Followed the guide step-by-step and I'm now downloading at 50kb/s!!!

Thanks again for this excellent guide!!!

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I went into a link provided by the guide and it says that there is in-built firewall in video cards, i searched but there's nothing.

Last time, when I was using ut1400, I can achieve dl speed up to 600kB/s but now with ut1500, you can tell that u are losing bandwidth compared to other leechers. So I followed the guide, expecting to settle my speed problem but to no avail, my dl speeds is always at 140-150kB/s even on a torrent with 300++ seeders.

I am running on Windows XP SP2 with 1 Gigs of ram space.

My anti-virus system is NOD32 and Mcafee Anti-Spyware.

My ut status is always green.

My video card is Geforce 6600GT.

My internet connection is 10MB Down and 1MB Up.

I have patch everything that this guide had suggested.

Only thing i did not do is the Bios Update cos I can get the latest drivers - it says I have the latest installed already.

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1c3d0g , your settings have worked, and this is the first time i have ever come near to getting past a certain throttle, respect to you, my friend.... :)

Didnt try the whole BIOS update though...lol, ide rather be safe on that side, knowing my luck, something is bound to happen...hehe

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Please can someone help me as I'm a complete newbie. I've tried to follow all the suggestions in this post despite it going over my head on numerous occasions. I now erattically get a green DHT (although it is red at the moment) and I'm still uploading considerably faster than I am downloading. I thought it' supposed to be the other way around!!!!!!

Please can someone help me in PLAIN ENGLISH!???

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The suggestion to use TCP Optimizer might not speed up torrents as the setting changed (TCP Receive Window) applies per connection basis only and most peers do not upload fast enough for the default setting to be an issue. Increasing RWIN unnecessarily leads only to additional memory use by the TCP stack (example: 500k RWIN x 100 peer connections = 50 MB ram used for RWIN buffers). Thus it is important to use conservative peer connection limits when using large RWIN.

Although I don't fully understand this can you explain further and advise on the best 'conservative' setting...

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