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[DON'T USE] Mini-guide to help all of you with your speed problems...


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Hola a todos!!!, es bueno saber que aunque seamos de distintos paises (yo soy de guatemala), nos une una buena causa... uTorrent!!!.

no me vendría nada mal si ustedes amos y señores del p2p me ayudaran a configurar mi programa para poder utilizarlo en las óptimas condiciones.

Tengo una procesador Intel Pentium 4 (2.4 GHz), una tarjeta de red integrada VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter, 512 MB de RAM, y una conexion por medio de la empresa Yego a 512 kbps.

No pude probar la velocidad de download/upload, ya que por ningun lado logré encontrar un servidor para mi conexión a Internet.

De igual manera no se si uno de ustedes es miembro de una página de torrents que se llama demonoid.com en la cual encontre unos torrents que me interesan pero debo estar suscrito para poder bajarlos, y no existe manera de suscribirme sino es hasta el fin de semana o por medio de una invitación, la cual pido a uno de ustedes almas caritativas me puedan invitar, de antemano, muchas gracias por su tiempo e información.

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Hello everyone. Who ever can help me all I need to know is if I can download any faster. I have Comcast. Tested speed with dslreports.com got 4149/363 Kbps. With just a few of the first steps in this "Mini-guide" my download got from 50 kB/s max to 200 kB/s but now that I finished every step in the guide I am downloading the same torrent at around 100-140 kB/s. On Fileplanet.com I download games as high as 400 kB/s. Can my µTorrent downloads go any faster? I'm afraid of changing the settings again.

Here are all of my settings










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HORRIBLY wrong. Use the Speed Guide as µtorrent-Guest suggests. And don't set net.max_halfopen to the same as the TCPIP.sys limit. Set it to 50 or something -- even that's more than necessary, but whatever.

Who else agrees with me that this thread should be locked? Its settings have caused more grief than otherwise (not to knock on 1c3d0g's hard work) ;o

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I just registered to post my new program that I made. This program will get all the values for you. It will display both the Normal bandwidth values and also the values for High bandwidth. BTW the script in the mini-guide isn't working.

Cows optimized values:

- Cows optimized values.exe - bin for win32.

- Cows optimized values.cpp - source code.


Source Code:

#include <iostream>
void normalBandwidth();void highBandwidth();
int downloadSpeed = 0;int uploadSpeed = 0;
int main(){      system("cls");    std::cout << "/*****************************\n";    std::cout << "* Cows optimized values      *\n";    std::cout << "* By Jonathan Vasquez        *\n";    std::cout << "* Credits go to 1c3d0g       *\n";    std::cout << "* http://forum.utorrent.com/ *\n";    std::cout << "******************************\n\n";    std::cout << "Enter your download speed: ";    std::cin >> downloadSpeed;    std::cout << "Enter your upload speed: ";    std::cin >> uploadSpeed;    std::cout << "\n";    std::cout << "Your (Download/Upload) speed is " << downloadSpeed << "/" << uploadSpeed << "\n";    std::cout << "Global maximum number of connections: " << uploadSpeed << "\n\n";
    normalBandwidth();    highBandwidth();
    return 0;}
void normalBandwidth(){     float globalUploadRate = uploadSpeed / 10 * .80;     float numberUploadSlots = globalUploadRate / 4;
     std::cout << "Normal Bandwidth Users\n";     std::cout << "----------------------\n\n";     std::cout << "Normal bandwidth global maximum upload rate: " << globalUploadRate << "\n";     std::cout << "Normal bandwidth number of upload slots per torrent: " << numberUploadSlots << "\n\n";}
void highBandwidth(){     float oGlobalUploadRate = uploadSpeed / 8 * .85;     float oNumberUploadSlots = oGlobalUploadRate / 4;  
     std::cout << "High Bandwidth Users\n";     std::cout << "----------------------\n\n";     std::cout << "High bandwidth global maximum upload rate: " << oGlobalUploadRate << "\n";     std::cout << "High bandwidth number of upload slots per torrent: " << oNumberUploadSlots << "\n\n";}

PS: The program doesn't round the values. Just round them yourself =].

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This is the new version of Cows Optimized Values.


This one is also converted from c++ to c.

#include <stdio.h>
void normalBandwidth();void highBandwidth();
int downloadSpeed;int uploadSpeed;
int main(){    printf("/*****************************\n");    printf("* Cows optimized values 2    *\n");    printf("* By Jonathan Vasquez        *\n");    printf("* Converted from C++ to C    *\n");    printf("******************************\n\n");    printf("Enter your download speed: ");    scanf("%d",&downloadSpeed);    printf("Enter your upload speed: ");    scanf("%d",&uploadSpeed);    printf("\n");    printf("Your (Download/Upload) speed is %d / %d\n",downloadSpeed,uploadSpeed);    printf("Global maximum number of connections: %d\n\n",uploadSpeed);
    normalBandwidth();    highBandwidth();
    return 0;}
void normalBandwidth(){     int globalUploadRate = ( float ) uploadSpeed / 10 * .80;     int numberUploadSlots = globalUploadRate / 4;
     printf("Normal Bandwidth Users\n");     printf("----------------------\n\n");     printf("Normal bandwidth global maximum upload rate: %d\n",globalUploadRate);     printf("Normal bandwidth number of upload slots per torrent: %d\n\n",numberUploadSlots);}
void highBandwidth(){     int oGlobalUploadRate = ( float ) uploadSpeed / 8 * .85;     int oNumberUploadSlots = oGlobalUploadRate / 4;  
     printf("High Bandwidth Users\n");     printf("----------------------\n\n");     printf("High bandwidth global maximum upload rate: %d\n",oGlobalUploadRate);     printf("High bandwidth number of upload slots per torrent: %d\n\n",oNumberUploadSlots);}
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Anyone know what happened to the optimizer http://ut-settings.go.pl/ ? 404 error... Anyone else have a working script?

I tried the "Cows Optimized Values" above, but when it's asking for my download speed, I don't know what to enter: Mbps or Kbps? I have "Extreme High-Speed Internet" (that what my provider calls it, not what I call it...) 10 Mbps download 900 Kbps upload with Vidéotron (QC, Canada).

WHen I used the COWS script, I tried entering 10000 for download, then entered 900 for uplaod, then it just shut off...

I would really love to avoid doing all the math myself... help?

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@Switeck: I think I'll have to take my question and your agreement, and put it into effect... I'm sure most of the people who actually know what's going on would agree with the locking of this thread.

Settings suggestions based on 1c3d0g's guide are not recommended for use -- they give you settings that can and likely will overload your connection. Make use of the Speed Guide (Ctrl+G) in µTorrent instead. "In the interest of making better torrent swarms," (Switeck) this thread is hereby locked.

If anyone disagrees with this decision, swing by the IRC channel and give us reason to change this stance.

Edit: I can't, for the life of me, figure out how people find this thread when it's locked and buried, and yet, they manage to not find other threads that are more important. First post edited with note, title modified.

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