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[DON'T USE] Mini-guide to help all of you with your speed problems...


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Your friend may be able to download better due to BitComet's Protocol Header Encryption. :/ If you don't want to put up with slow speeds and can't change ISP's, then I'm afraid there's nothing I can do for you. Once you get Network OK, all is set. Since you already have that, the only advice I can give you is to try a port like 80, 21, 110 or 25 and see if your ISP leaves one of those ports alone. :|

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Used your recommendations and now i have 15.5kB/s download and 2.0kB/s upload:)

First of all, the Speed Guide in the new version is THE BEST! Secondly, your mini speed guide is great :) It optimizes and stables my connections, hence it is better and somehow faster :)

Just so you know, before the speed guide and before reading this mini guide, I had 1-10kB/s download (variable every 10 seconds or so) and standard 5.0kB/s. Now it somehow reversed it :D

Thank you, utorrent team and 1c3d0g :)

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really helpful, used this guide (and the linksys router one) and my DL speed went from 20's to 500kB/s when i ran the open office test torrent.

never managed to pull that much speed on bittorrent before

all those settings can be cumbersome to change, but its worth it in the end!


btw, when i did a speed test, it said i had 492 kB/s dl and 43 kB/s upload, does that seem like an unreasonably low upload speed on a DSL connection?

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I did some of the things that was in the guide there. (excellent guide btw) however I think one of the settings I did incorrectly. My connection constantly drops now for some reason. I thought it was a setting in uTorrent that I messed up but it seems to disconnect when Im just on msn sometimes too. In a matter of 5-10min it disconnected and reconnected like 3 times. The network connection icon will pop up in the toolbar saying it lost a connection or somthin and it will reconnect. It only takes a few seconds but its annoying.

Sorry not sure what info you need to help.

I have winxp pro sp2 with cable modem and I'm using dlink router DI-524

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, guys! Thank you, 1c3d0g (what a username!). Also many thanks to Firon for the well-written FAQ section.

My story: I'm a convert from Azureus. I liked that program pretty much but, boy, what a resource hog. One the main things I use my computer for is downloading files and it would slow down so much with Azureus I mainly downloaded stuff overnight and, I'm ashamed to say, was pretty much a leech.

Then I heard about utorrent. Tried it and liked it right away. Initially, I was able to install and use it without any problems. Then about a week later I went wireless at home. I set up a Netgear Wireless Router (model WGR614 v6) and put a Linksys Wireless-G Notebook Adapter (model WPC54G) in my laptop. I noticed that my downloads basically stopped working. I was crushed.

I tried some superficial things. Tried various torrents to make sure it wasn't just that. Tried to download the same torrents in Azureus, but got errors there as well. Finally, when all else failed... I read the instructions. The mini-guide directed me to the FAQ first, especially if I wasn't getting the Network OK message at the bottom of the screen.

After some reading finally realized that it was a port forwarding issue.

I had to login to my router setup page online and establish port forwarding specifically for utorrent. So I did that as well as followed all the suggestions in the mini-guide (whew!). Man I was at it for like 4 hours (so I'm slow, okay).

Let me tell y'all something: With Azureus, my average download speed, even with the best torrents was around 70 - 100 kB/s; now with utorrent I just finished downloading a movie at the blazing speed of around 280 kB/s! Blazing baby!!!! And since utorrent is so light on resources I don't mind seeding files, in fact, I'm glad to do it.

utorrent ROCKS!!! Hey, I know it can be frustrating if you have some problems starting out but I just want to tell everybody to hang in there, do the research, read, and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!

Thanks again, guys.

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Very good thank you for this great Tutorial. It's really great thing. However, since I use it I'm seeding 4 Files and Downloading one.

Upload Speed:10~9 KB/s

Download Speed: 10~3 KB/s Better than nothig :)

ADSL Connection :

Down: 512 Kbps

Up: 128 Kbps

Do the divion right and u gonna get what u deserve.


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great tutorial. It did help me improve my speeds, but i am stuck at a point - "NAT Error". My config are as follows:

Windows XP SP2 (yes, the one with the built-in firewall)

connected to a Cable modem via a Dell 2350 wireless router.

I have done the following from the guide:

a) Set-up a static ip address

B) Set up port forwarding on my windows firewall

c) Set up port forwarding on my router (using the guide on portfoward.com)

d) Used TCPOptimizer

e) Patched my tcpip.sys

Here are a few observations-cum-problems so far:

a) "Nat Error" on my utorrent status bar (drat!)

B) Open Office torrent helped me reach a speed of

65 kBps download and 12 kBps (yes B - un-e-believable! Thanks guys)

c) It maxed out my connection too (drat!)

d) My continuously flickering connection to my wifi router.

Any inputs? or questions?

thanks in advance..

- Agni

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