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Upload speed test results


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I am getting consistent results within each test site, but they vary from each site.

From the link in the setup guide ( http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest?java=1) I used the java based tests. From megapath I get 210kb.

From Beltronics ( http://www.abeltronica.com/PagRec/uk/01/ ) I get 250 kb.

From speakeasy ( http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ ) I get 750 kb.

From Speedtest.net ( http://www.speedtest.net/ ) I get 750 kb.

I know the upload range is important. Which setting should I use?

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I'll try xx/192

Also, I just spoke to my ISP tech guy. My ISP caps torrents at 4 meg. He says because it allows them to monitor the system to protect against viruses etc. *shrug*

I'm fine with that as long as I am getting the best speeds possible.

I checked my latency by pinging Google. 68 ms average.

As far as new threads are concerned....I'll try it your way, but in my experience people get bored with the same thread and don't bother reading them after the first time. If that happens, expect to see lots of new threads with new questions.


I have removed utorrent, cleaned the registry, put my WRT54G settings back to default, and reset my TCP/IP settings to default.

I am going to start over. Now that I know what does and does not work, I can skip all the trial by error stuff. Originally I just fixed issues as they came up.

Do I have to configure in a certain order to get the best results?

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