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Slow utorrent seeding


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I have really bad seeding, right now it's at 0.2kB/s and normally i don't have anything at all. I have port forwarded, and i have great download speed. My ISP is Time Warner, and of course i use Road Runner. I never had problems in the past seeding, because i used to at least get 20kB/s when i seeded. Any ideas? thanks!

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Yes there is, but there usually is between 1-2 peers, if that, for practically all of my torrents.


Lately today there actually hasn't been any peers connected, but yesterday i was lucky enough to get 1-2.

Also, it seems like it might just be bad torrents or something or whatever because when i have 8 peers, i have 15 kB/s ... i'm seeding a limewire torrent and thats what i'm getting right now, kind of weird how it's working for me, and i also found this out:


Pretty much exactly what you stated.

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