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Restoring my completed, active and inactive file lists


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using: Utorrent 1.7.7 (build 8179)

My computer crashed while I was away, and when i returned and restarted, all my lists, are at zero. On the surface looking as I am just starting.

When I go to Show Statistics, all my totals are there.

Example Uploaded: 784 gb

downloaded 536 gb


How do i restore my Active, completed, inactive Lists on my Utorrent?

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If you started uT up again without backing up your resume.dat or resume.dat.old you don't.

Searching for "lost resume.dat" or "lost torrents" would show you what I'm about to tell you.

You have 30 seconds from opening a uT after a crash and seeing nothing to either see it restore the backup or realize you NEED to get the backup file. Sometimes the backup file cannot be loaded in which case you need a separate backup file. This may happen due to as your case crashing or power outage.. and is exascerbated if this happens while uT is backing up the resume.dat to resume.dat.old (happens every 30 seconds).. the likelihood of this happening corrupting BOTH your files in the same 30 seconds is slim to none, so there's usually hope in the backup resume.dat.old

HOWEVER after you start uT, since it saves the file every 30 seconds you only have 30 seconds to "save" this data before you have to readd everything from scratch. I would recommend reading up on the Bencoded Files Editor.

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