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moving unfinished files from non-boot XP to Vista


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Hello there ,

I've a dualboot of xp and vista, at least i HAD , now xp is inaccessible , i mean cant boot but can access al files through explorer.

Lets say , unfinished torrents stay in (XP) at a desktop folder which i can see through vista's explorer. but cant boot xp to run utorrent/to relocate files 2 the new download folder in vista .

i have tried manually adding under file add , or creating new ones pointing from the xp unfinished folders /to the vista unfinished ones .nope , copying them to current nope,changing download folders in vista 2 point xp temporarily and restarting torrent nope !

somewhere in , i ve read i can copy the settings , assuming this data will also contain downloads, but then isn't it going to rewrite settings & unfinished files in my current vista folders ? What i really wanna do is to add the xp torrents to keep rolling from the point i left, (somehow) after adding them 2 the current actives in vista ?

Am i missing something , cos i was unable to find the answer in the preposts ?

Thank you

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You copy the settings (procedure in the FAQ) to Vista.. then run uT on Vista.

After that you should backup resume.dat and then use something like BFE in my signature.. use find/replace on the old path to a new path... and then you should be back up running.

Read through the BFE thread and ask questions if you have any.

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