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Moved folder with 1.65 of 3.79 GB - now uTorrent start DL from 0% .


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My first post. Hope it's in the right place. Have tried to find answer in FAQ. and elsewere.

My Harddisk ran out of space.

Bought an additional external HDD.

To get (the f***ing) Vista to work properly, I had to free up space on original HDD, so :

I moved a substatial part to the external. AMONG the moved folders is

the Automatically generated 'Downloaded' folder with the subfolder "X" I'm asking about.

The "X" folder contains a 1.65 GB partially completed download (of a total of 3.79 GB).

Question :

As 'uTorrent' seem to think there now is nothing ( 0% ) previously downloaded,

how do I convince it there ARE quite a bit of files already downloaded ?

How do I control where 'uTorrent' checks what's already there ?

Hope you can interpret what I'm trying to ask ;)

Hope you can explain a solution that I can understand !

Thanx !

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- -

Great reply.

I'll reply w just as great a follow-up question :

How do I "tell uT where the files are" ?

The link contains a multitude of Q&A, and the closest to my problem

deals w renaming issue. Well there's been no renaming in my case, since

I moved the files manually. There are no detectable added file endings, just

the original ones.

Quoting :

"Moving files to another location after they have been loaded in µTorrent

1. Stop the torrent you wish to move in the torrent list in µTorrent.

2. Move the files to the location of your choice ( for multiple files move the containing folder as a whole)

3. In µTorrent, right click > Advanced > Set Download Location ...

4. Browse to the location where you have moved the files.

5. Start the torrent again. "

I've done just that, and the result is that NEW downloads go to the right place ( the new Main DL folder on my new HDD ) ,


after 'ReChecking' , the download of the earlier partially completed folder "X" starts from 0%.

- Either uTorrent doesn't get that there's a folder that's relevant , or

- 'DreadWingKnight' don't get my question , or

- I don't get something here ( which I consider highly unlikely ... ;) ... )

Anyhow, I understand how to direct downloads, the thing I'm asking is how to

resume a DL that's been moved.

Thank you.


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