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Yellow Triangle, with slow downloads


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This is my first post and really need some help

The yellow triangle never turns green

I have a static address

My port is forwarded or rather I configured to be, but when I run the test is says closed

I am using a Linsys WRT330N

My download speeds range from 2 kbs to 10 kbs, but can go up to 25 kbs for short

periods of time.

I was using AVG 7.5 with firewall and thought that might be the problem so I uninstalled it and nothing changed. I am now using Bit defender.

Not sure what else to try...




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Did you type that address in when forwarding?

If it's like other Linksys products, status page of the Linksys, first half of your IP address as displayed under login type. Did you change the DHCP range and do you have any other firewalls/anti-virus software?

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I think I configures them correctly, but wasn't completely sure. I followed a guide for BitDefender. my downloads are now at 15kb.

When I uninstalled AVG I tried utorrent again with the same result... port closed, but still download with a yellow triangle.

Couldn't it be something else?

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