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Completed and Partial Downloads do not move to sub folders


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open a .torrent

2. Under "Save As" change from:

F:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\Downloads\Project-To-Download


F:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\Downloads\Sub-Folder-Name\Project-To-Download


Partial and fully downloaded files remain in F:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\Downloads\Project-To-Download instead of the Sub Folder


Either in a previous version of uTorrent or before I reformatted my machine, downlods would go into their subfolders.

Any ideas?

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~/My Documents/Downloads is the default no-path folder. When you put anything in the Preferences it will change it to what you want. . . and the ONLY option I can think of which does what you suggest is "append label name to folder location". You'll only ever see torrent data after setting the Preferences in either the Download folder or the Move when Completed folder.

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