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High cpu usage with long comments and Asian languages support


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Something I've noticed with µTorrent is the high amount of cpu time it needs to redraw the General tab. All you need to do to see this is select any torrent from the torrent list and then move the scrollbar up and down rapidly. Even when the redrawing seems far from optimal at least it's not a big deal.

The problem comes when you mix a torrent with a large comment and Windows' support for East Asian languages. Then when you select that torrent from the list the cpu usage jumps abruptly and stays high even when you're not doing anything on the program. You don't even have to start downloading the torrent.

I've tested this issue in µTorrent 1.7.7 and the latest beta in two computers with xpsp1 and xpsp2.

Here's how to reproduce the problem:

1) Enable Windows' East Asian languages support (Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages). The system may ask to install some files and reboot.


2) Download this torrent and load it in µTorrent. It's the openSUSE torrent with a long comment. You don't need to start the download.

3) Make sure the General tab is selected, then select the torrent on the list and see your cpu go crazy.

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Except on the test torrent it doesn't... unless you have those languages installed I'm presuming? It doesn't show anything in comment even though the torrent has 21240 bytes listed as 0xE296 repeating.

Btw, when I reported this I was testing with a (then limit of BFE) 31000 byte comment... so the scrolling and CPU usage I confirmed, but not the just-sitting-there as uT doesn't know what to make of the double-byte UTF-8

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