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WebUI Speed Controller Application.


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Hey guys..

I wrote a little application to change the speed of your utorrent's global download and upload speeds. The theory being that I don't want to give my brothers (who i wrote this for) the admin password for my uTorrent webui.


So, with this tool you can set the minimum download/upload speeds that people can set with this tool. Then the people using the tool can set the speeds they want (but not below the minimum you specify).

When you first start the program it will ask you for your: Username, Password, Address (IP or URL), Port and minimum upload/download speeds. If you know the admin password you can change the settings later on. At the moment i have the torrent display set so that you have to click a button to refresh it, so if enough people want me to add it as a timer function i will add it.

Download Here!

Things of Interest

Using the browser extension in VB.net seems to allow for IE6 to render the webUI properly (assuming it still isn't supported). The only problem it has displaying it is that transparent png files are still rendered with the grey background.

Issues/Things to fix

* Username and Password are still transmitted in the clear, however i think this is a shortcoming in the webui, but i shall look into it further.

* Due to limitations with IE6/7 and the .net framework, the controller will not work on the computer that uTorrent is installed on using its lan address (i.e. instead "localhost" must be used in place of the IP.

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Yes to literally everything you just said... Jewelisheaven.. are you god? :o and the entire form has 90% opacity.

But yeah, it is, there are one or 2 issues with it i can tell you straight out of the box.. but i won't bother to fix them unless people would find a use for it because it will serve my purposes fine :)

Anyone have anything to ask/say/suggest? All help/criticism is wanted and needed :)

Edit: Spelling.

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I just finished my project that does the same:


I'm thinking to write a client/server application in C, the basic idea is the server would be the uTorrent/downlader pc, and the "others" would run a program that logs into the server when they start windows (or log in), client gives a "somebody logged in" signal to the server, and the server turns off the downloads, when users shut down they PCs the client would send a "log off" signal and when everybody logs off it would restore the downloads. Its better than php scheduled script cause its realtime and much easier. But i'm not familiar with C-sockets so its far far away :P

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