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resuming downloads after reinstalling utorrent


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yeah i think my subject title says it all really..

but this is really desperate..im dling this huge file 30Gbs!!

the place im getting it from works on ratio sharing..so if i lose all this..im pretty screwed i guess

I reinstalled utorrent because i was messing with the settings and seemed to slow things down..anyway when removing..it asked me if i wanted to remove the settings...me thinking thats what i needed to do.. i clicked yes...

so i reinstalled and ARGGH no torrents...i've tried aiming utorrent back to the download folder but still nothing...

would really really appreciate some help here guys..

i cant lose all this..

thanks in advance

too late...now i've blanked my resume.dat file... i read the bencoding stuff

totally confusing too me...

bye 30Gb's.. bye ratio.

im so pissed off

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hi to all, having similiar problem after much search for help.

somehow, i remove the 1.7 and install 1.8. forgot all abt the backup.

current scenario, lost the %appdata%\utorrent data and couldn't continue from previous sessions. redownload them by going through the source from start, most of them manage to recheck and start from where i have stopped.

however, there's a particular subject which i couln't start from the source. have tried few days tho, still refuse to start. on the torrent web it says "an unknown error has occured, pls try again later". the web was definitely not down as i can start new sessions on other topics.

question is : since source is down, is there a way i can manually get ut to continue the session without the %appdata%\utorrent(.torrent) and going through the original source?

if possible, pls list down a step-by-step guide. noob here.


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If you don't have the torrent.. you can't download unless you're using 1.8, the torrent isn't private, you recall seeing another 1.8 peer, AND you know the INFOHASH. In those situation you can use magnet URI and uT will download the torrent from other peers.

To use magnet though you have to remove and re-add the current job after right click "copy magnet link". And you should backup your data.. even though you lost it already due to the uninstall procedure.

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