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VPN Problems while uTorrent is running


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I'm not sure what caused it, but I had serious problems connecting with my "home" system via VPN while uTorrent was running this afternoon.

I left uTorrent running yesterday when I left, because there were several people using a Torrent on my home machine, and I thought it right to let them use the bandwidth I wasn't using.

This afternoon, I tried to connect to the home machine via VPN. The connection to the VPN took a lot longer to establish (I presume because the bandwidth was mostly occupied uploading the torrent to users), but I couldn't log onto the home PC fully before the system threw me off again. It took about 45 minutes of trying before I finally got a connection that stayed up long enough to "kill" uTorrent.

It's been fine since then.

I suspect the problem is more to do with the router than with uTorrent, but does anyone know a way to persuade a Draytek 2800G not to drop the connection to the VPN while a torrent is running? Otherwise, I'm going to have to be sure to close uTorrent before I leave home.

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