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Speed Guide - Test For Port Forwarding


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I recently upgraged to 1.8 beta 10843 on my laptop and encountered a strange activity.

While in the office doing the port test from speed guide I was guided to hxxp://www.utorrent.com:16000/testport.php?port=62232 and it actually for the first time indicated my port was forwarded. This has never happend before even though I have the green tick.

At home when I do the port test on the same laptop I was guided to hxxp://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=62232. Noticed now the 16000 port no. is missing. This time it said my port was not forwarded even though the green tick is still there. When manually adding the 16000 port no. to the address it said the port is opened.

Take note I have allowed IE access to port 16000 on the firewall.

This is very strange, perhaps someone could clarify.


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Oh! I see. Thanks for clarifying.

BTW in the office utorrent has never been able to detect that I am behind a transparant proxy except for the last beta that I used. Maybe some changes has been made to the new beta. Is there any other settings that I need to do in order for it to detect? I have no problems with speeds of any kind is just that very frustrating on private trackers it always say I am not connectable, perhaps due to this transparent proxy thing.

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