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Update UPX to 3.03


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Just noticed that uTorrent is still being compressed with 3.00..

Changes in 3.03 (27 Apr 2008):

* implement cache flushing for PowerPC (esp. model 440)

* fix cache flushing on MIPS (>3 MiB compressed, or with holes)

* fix MIPS big-endian

* bug fixes

Changes in 3.02 (16 Dec 2007):

* fix unmapping on arm-linux.elf

* fix error checking in mmap for i386-linux.elf [triggered by -fPIE]

* bug fixes

Changes in 3.01 (31 Jul 2007):

* new options --no-mode, --no-owner and --no-time to disable preservation

of mode (file permissions), file ownership and timestamps.

* dos/exe: fixed an incorrect error message caused by a bug in

relocation handling

* new format linux/mipsel supports ELF on [32-bit] R3000

* fix argv[0] on PowerPC with --lzma

* bug fixes

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