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Freeze On Mulitple Uploads


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I am having the problem of freezing when seeding/uploading more than one file.

I have 20 or so files listed in the seeding section of which i select 5 or 6 to seed at any one time it will seed the 1st file fine but when i open the 2nd it freezes.

I have downlaoded the current version (1.3) 3 times thinking it maybe a bad download but i get the same problem on each download.

I have changed the number of connections (Options -> Preferences -> Torrent Options) and still the same issue.

I know i dont have a system problem (Nat, port forwarding, firewalls etc) as i have been using Azereus for the past 12 months doing this same thing with no problems, unless it is the fact that i run two BT clients and it is causing a conflict at the moment i run UTorrent for downloading and Azereus for seeding / uploading.(maybe i should have tried this)

I used to use Azereus for all but as i cannot seed on UTorrent im using it only for uploading till i get this issue fixed.

I only just started using UTorrent recently as a few people on sites i use are raving about it and i want to give it a go.

Maybe im missing something a setting perhaps or something else ????

Any help to reslove this would be appriciated.

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