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"Please Help Guys: I Know It's Simple, Just Can't Figure It Out."


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hi all.

could you guys help me on this one, i know it's sometrhing simple.

all of the sudden, after being flawless, my torrents, after being downloaded, are unable to be added to my CONVERTER (ConvertXtoDVD).

i choose the folder where the torrent successfully downloaded into, but when i go to select it so i can begin convert the files, the folder opens...NO Torrent...yet the torrent was dalready downloaded into it's folder...how is it disappearing?

i've always been able to select them until just tonight.

In the UTorrent Log, this is what it says:

"Got Cancel Unrequested", and "Got Request While Choked"

and the Log in ConvertXtoDVD it says:

"Cannot get stream information. Maybe file format [mp3] was misdetected due to incorrect file extension. Torrent Ignored. Unknown file format."

- except i never changedanything.

so that's where i'm at.

please, if anyone could help me, i really would appreciate it, i have no idea what to do.

thank you.


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hey guys.

thank you so much for your help.

great, i will try the Container folder.

wow you guys, i would have never known about that, thank you.

i opened it, they were there.

you guys probably know, but it had downloaded the Data to a totally different folder, and i just dragged-and-dropped them into there own folders.

thank you again jewel & joe....

to answer so quick means a lot, thanks.

incidentally, why would they go to the Container instead of their folders?

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