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[HELP] slow download speed after install avg internet security


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hi people, i need some help

i was able to enjoy >100kbps of download speed before i had avg internet security installed

but now my download speed drop to a pathetic 5kbps?

i suspect that it has something to do with avg's settings

i hope someone can provide me with a comprehensive tutorial on how to solve this problem maybe by changing the settings

im running on vista and using utorrent v1.7.7

i had set net.bind.ip thingy to my ip address and disabled uPnP mapping

Thanks a million for any help put forward =)

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You're not supposed to use the bind function without knowing what it's for.

And the only way you're going to learn how to configure AVG is by reading the docs it comes with. What you need to allow is utorrent's incoming port and all outgoing traffic.

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No, that's not what it's for. It's to bind your connection to a particular network adapter on your system.

The advanced options shouldn't be touched if you don't know what they do. The manual describes what each function does.

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I dont know. omg

i anyhow-clicked and ended up at a process page on AVG which says

uTorrent.exe Internet:yes Service:no

is the service part supposed to be yes or something?

i dont know! omg. lol

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