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low speed..


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am new here.. i got a serious problem which is the low speed and by low i mean really low..

i downloaded a torrent with over 1000 seeders and i got to connect with 50.. but the problem is the speed.. it was 10-15!!!!

b4 its formated.. the max speed was 60

i downloaded tcpip.sys.. no limitation in the global downloading..

i dont know wats the problem.. i guess its sumthing with the firewall..

plz someone help me

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thx for ur reply..

my network is good or OK (green)the port test and sayin the port is open.. am using windows firewall and my operating system is windows xp..

i went through that link and i did almost every thing b4 posting here but its still the same..

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sorry i didnt get wat u mean by openoffice torrent.. am using the wireless

by the way do i have to change sumthing in the ICMP?? and does enabling the security or making a password for the wireless affect the speed of downloading??

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i mean a password for the wireless however now i have a new problem LOL

the test is saying that the port is open though i deleted the forwarded port and not only the forwarded port but any port!! whenever i change the port, the icon still green!!

well i tried:

disabling IP resolving

disabling DHT

disabling UPnP and NAT-PMP

disabling peer.resolve_country if it isn't already set to false

lowering maximum global number of connections

patching TCPIP.sys and changed it to 50

i dont know wat else i can do.. its really driving me crazy


i couldnt find a way to download a torrent from openoffice

edit 2:

i downloaded bitlord and in the logs section it says

"Windows XP ICS Status: cannot find working ICS.

Windows XP UPnP Status: device not found!"

and in the statistics section the TCP connections half-open goes up and down

well i thought maybe thats the problem..

btw my upload speed is good but the download speed is the slow one

edit 3:

am downloading openoffice now and the speed is amazing itz ~60 k/s.. so watz the problem with the other torrents??

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