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scheduling shutdown program


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Well its like this i need a program wich shuts vista off at like 6 in the morning when utorrents running, so far ive tried vista shutdown timer and two other programs but they always give the checking error and i dont need any corrupt 11 gig files. Especially since i have a downloadlimit of 10 gig.

Ive searched around and enabled that graceful shutdown option but still nothing.. anyone know a decent program? (Didnt find anything in search)

Thanks for replies in advance ;)

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you need to have uT close gracefully.. which will stop the checking. Use search on the forum here for WM_ ... or WM_ENDSESSION I think.

You may be able to contact the users there who coded little apps they use for that specific purpose.

Generally speaking, start->run->shutdown -30 -f

should work if you want to close your computer.. use task scheduler for that, but I can imagine you don't have enough time due to slow (something) for this to happen gracefully, hence why bt.graceful_shutdown doesn't help you.

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