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small logging bug


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using 1.7.7

goto Logger pane, right click, make sure 'Log Peer Traffic' 'Log Errors' 'Verbose' are unchecked.

goto Peers pane, right click on a peer line, select 'Log Traffic to Logger Tab'

go back to Logger pane - In _addition_ to the traffic for the selected peer,

the following message, not in any way related to that peer, is now also enabled:

[time] Incoming connection from x.x.x.x

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After I enable the "super verbose" mode, then do these:

1. Go to the logger tab

2. Right-click to bring-up the log popup menu

3. Click anywhere to close the popup menu

The "super verbose" mode will be disabled. IOTW, the log popup menu disables it. Is this intentional?

EDIT: I have all logging flags enabled before I do the above tasks.

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