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port un-forwarding itself


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hi! i suppose there's a similar topic somewhere, but i can't seem to find it, so i'll post a new one.

i managed to forward my port yesterday. i did all as instructed, and it worked like a charm. today it started working fine, too, but then i accidentally shut down utorrent, and when i turned it back on, the port wasn't forwarded anymore. so i did the whole procedure once again, and everything was just as i left it yesterday, only my port wasn't forwarded. then i shut down utorrent again, and the when i turned it back on, the port WAS forwarded, but it un-forwarded itself shortly after...

what's happening???? help, someone...


my port seems to be playing hide-and-seek: it just spontaneously forwarded itself after running un-forwarded for over an hour. why is it doing that? (except for the sole purpose of driving me insane)

edit no2:

although the status icon is nice and green, the port testing tells me the port is closed. what's going on?

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my thingie (i have only one, so i don't know whether it's a router or a modem) is zyxel p-660hw-d3.

i've tried everything stated in faq and help sections, and the only consequence is that my port keeps spontaneously forwarding and un-forwarding itself for no apparent reason.

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