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Azureus now Vuze

Lord Alderaan

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Azureus (a 'rival' client to µtorrent) officially is no more.

They are abandoning the name and are fully moving on to the new Vuze platform (of which the old Azureus application is a part).


"and give friends a speed boost when you are downloading the same torrent"

This doesn't sound good if used often it could be counter productive to the efficiency BitTorrent mechanics try to achieve.

Also I don't see how companies keep considering integration of multiple different services (social networking with torrent downloading in this case) a good idea. Because we'll end up with a lot of overlap such as a separate 'social' network with every thing we do with our computer. Instead I prefer to rely on core competence applications. One application for one goal and let people create their own ideal computer setup.

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Tetris clone is not a service... it's an easter egg.

And my comment was a joke, not a serious comment. I didn't even know about the THX sound thing...

Anyway - I'm absolving myself of anything to do with those new features - wasn't asked about them, didn't work on them, didn't contribute to them, don't use them. Anyway, these sorts of features aren't meant for the likes of me. And the sort of features that I want.... well... I get my inspiration from other places... :D

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