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How to resume downloads started on computer X on computer Y?


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1. I have started a few downloads on my computer using utorrent. If I copy the partly downloaded files can I resume those torrents in another computer?

2. Also, I had started downloads on utorrent installed in Win Vista in one of the partitions of my computer. I have Win XP installed in another partition. If I uninstall Vista, can I resume the downloads using the utorrent installed in the XP partition?

How? Please help?



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http://utorrent.com/guides.php Select Migration Guide ;)

Also if you want to learn about uT GUI more check out the Manual.

You don't need to uninstall Vista to resume it. However if you wipe the partition which has your data you will have a problem.

In truth, what you should do is go to %APPDATA%\uTorrent after closing uT on the one computer... and copy all the .DAT files to your new computer in the same location (Start->run->%APPDATA% , create uTorrent folder)

You MAY have a problem though if your drive letters aren't the same (You save on D on Vista, but D is your C: on XP) In that instance, you can simply follow the steps in the Bencoded File Editor below and use Find/Replace to search for "D:\" and replace with "C:\"

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FYI, the manual isn't only about the interface. The UI description is just an appendix (it just so happens the appendix is a large component in the manual). The manual is more-or-less comprehensive, and includes (almost) everything mentioned in the other guides as well.

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