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hello all ftp issue


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Hello all, using this great program utorrent for my torrent downloads. Nothing wrong with it and able to share and download just fine.

My problem is this -- I use also on there FTP Filezilla program on same pc. I have files I need to get sometimes when out.

If utorrent is on -- ftp fails to work.

If I shutdown utorrent, then ftp works.

They do not share the same ports as I have checked.

Is there a setting or somethign in utorrent that interrupts file sharing?

Is it possibly connected to the tcpsys files or the number of connections. I have played with both.

thanks danee

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thank you for assisting. For the utorrent client there is both of course uploading and downloading.

Intended use of the ftp is both uploading and downloading, however since this probelm happened there is no activity actually on the FTP.

I am wondering should I increase the XP / Windows 2003 server tcpip connections to alleviate this problem. I remember somewhere that this is set to 10 after service pack 2 ?

What do you guys think? thanks danee

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