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My speed problems with µTorrent


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Hi! I used to use Azureus but I'm trying µTorrent at the moment, because it worked well on other friend's computers and I gave it a chance. I'm using a 1024/330 Kb/s connection and I get ~11 kB/s. I think I should receive more download speed. I've tried 1c3d0g configuration, but it made slower my downloads. I add captures of my configuration in order to get help :)

Thanks in advance

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Hi again! Last night I changed my torrent client to Azureus again. It gave me and it's giving me higher speeds than µTorrent (µTorrent: ~7 - 12 kB/s ; Azureus: ~20 - 30 kB/s). But it was good trying µTorrent, I think this can be good in the future.

One thing is true: I you look for low CPU usage, then µTorrent is your client. But I don't care about that, I look for high speeds, so I use Azureus.

Thanks for the help!

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