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Really anoying thing

royal x

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Hi guys, i have the ever "popular" Linksys router WRT504G and AM200 modem to go with it. Now here's my problem:

(This only happens to my pc ;) ) So i start uTorrent after rebooting my pc and for the first 2-10mins it downloads at about ~500kB/s then it get's messy :) The speed starts droping straight down and hangs from 0.2kB/s to ~20kB/s and sometimes start raising to ~100kB/s but drops instantly after that... Upload speed is stable at ~90kB/s. (I use wireless at my home :) ) If i press repair it works ok again for ~20secs.. Getting kinda crazy =) Now when it is repairing it has a problem and stops repairing when it tries to clear the "DNS cache". Everything works fine on other computers on the same network so i dont blame my router :) . When the speed drops i can surf the net just fine and everything else works exellent, btw. i have the Green "check" at the bottom of uTorrent.

Desperately looking for wisdom and smart mods to help... :)

EDIT: Tried almost everything i could find on this forum but still w8ing for advice...

EDIT 2: Restarting uTorrent also speeds up the download for 10secs :) .. Not sure if the problem is in Windows or in uTorrent....

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