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What do all these things mean?


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I have had utorrent for a while, works great, but i dont understand what some of the words and numbers mean. on the peer list there are rows labeled 'relevance', 'waited', 'reqs' and 'debug'. Also, on the torrent list, there is 'Avail.' and i am assuming this is availability, but what does the number actually mean?

If anyone could tell me what all this means, it would be greatly appreciated.



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Covered in the manual you should check it out ;) Ultima went through alot of trouble putting a large cross-section of common questions/information into it.

Relevance is how much THEY have that you DONT.

Waited is how long since a piece was received.

Reqs is a count of the 16 KiB blocks of data requested but not yet received from the peer... It is is format XX|XX.

Debug is for debugging. Searching on the forum will show you it lists piece/blocks sent/received. The Debug column in the main torrent pane on the other hand shows half-open counts and the max upload slots for the torrent.

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