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[Help] peers connected


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Hi people

I have been observing utorrent for quite some time, and have come to a conclusion that my total connected seeds+connected peers will not amount to more than 50 no matter the total number of peers and seeds.

eg. 24(145) peers and 24(226) seeds

20(60) peers and 30(50) seeds

Is this normal or something is restricting my connections?

Looking forward to replies.

Thank YOU =)

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There may be hidden limitations due to network topology (modem, router, network card, ISP, etc...) that is limiting max connections you can have.

Are you firewalled in uTorrent?

What ISP are you on?

Max connections per torrent set at 70?

uTorrent may be backing down from making new connections after reaching 50 and instead expecting incoming connections to fill the remaining 20...

What's uTorrent's log tab say about connections?

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