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Problem with download speed; doesn´t pass 23kb/s


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this´s my problem:

when I first downloaded utorrent, everything was fine, no complaints, but since two weeks or so, the download speed doesn´t get over 23kb/s all together (means, no matter how many downloads, the sum never passes 23 kb/s), i also tried other torrent- downloaders, and there´s the same prob. (even when I´ve installed two downloaders, their sum also didn´t pass 23)

Is there a solution, please help me!

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just followed the speed test link in utorrent;

it´s 175kbits, so to say 22kbytes, but that´s strange, bec, a normal firefox-download is about 150kbytes/sec, so the prob appears otherwhere then in utorrent too;

so, where should i look for to solve this prob? - if it has nothing to do with utorrent directly?--- someone any ideas?

i made some more tests and found out that i have(like expected) a 1mbit/sec (~150 kbites/sec)

but torrent, and the speed test just show that I´ve just a 175kbit/s (22kbyte/s)

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Did you do only the upload speed test...and that's why it's 175 kilobits/second instead of 1 megabits/second?

We still don't know what settings you're trying (and failing) to use in uTorrent that may be the cause of your problems.

We don't know who your ISP is...that may be completely crippling BitTorrent traffic.

We don't know if your uTorrent is firewalled by your networking software or hardware...or crippled by the same in speed.

1st link in my signature...

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ok, i tested, i hope everything:

it´s not the isp, it´s no funny setting of mine, i also checked speeds and set them in utorrent, firewall also has utorrent as exception, there is nothing unusual, it´s just slow!

maybe it has nothing to do with utorrent (i also tried other torrent downloaders), but it also doesn´t have to do with the connection, bec. normal downloads have a good speed.

Could there be a setting on my computer which could cripple the speed?

Any similar cases, or ideas?

And there is also something interesting i´ve forgotten:

although the download speed doesn´t pass the 23kb/s, the up-speed to others has no limits.

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An ISP can block/throttle/disrupt/mangle BitTorrent traffic without seriously or noticeably degrading anything else. Mine (ComCast) does it all the time.

I sincerely doubt you're uploading to others at unlimited speed...it HAS to hit a limit somewhere, even if it's just the 100 megabits/second limit of a typical LAN card.

It's like trying to get a car to go 'infinite speed'...something bad typically happens long before you get there.

I really think your ISP is BitTorrent-hostile, and would like to know what ISP that is...or what big ISP your ISP connects to.

What firewall/s are you using? Many are both hostile and worthless.

What uTorrent settings are you using? Maybe you don't think they're bad...but something's obviously NOT working!

What are both your download and upload speed max according to speed tests? ...And does your ISP have any temporary boost features (like ComCast's SpeedBoost) that can skew the results higher than SUSTAINED download and upload speeds?

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i use the windows firewall and utorrent is in exception

ok, the upload speed of course has limits, about 100kb/s (i never let it go further, so i don´t know, i just would like the download speed to be so quick, but that´s also what the speed test says is capable of the upload connection)

to my settings: i didn´t change the check-boxes, but i did what the help-links said i should do

the speed test showed ~1000kb/s up and ~1200kb/s down and i set the up-down speed in utorrent like this.

and how can i check (except the test online which showed everthin is fine) if the isp works against utorrent?

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I am not sure of the ISP name...so I can't tell of any history of badness by it...but

You seem to be on something called:

"Local Area Network CA-IT"

in or around:

Vienna, Austria

My guess is it's an extended LAN that is massively sharing a (very?) fast internet connection. I'd expect such a "LAN" to either be a business network, university network, or municipality (wifi?) network. However your speed tests may be showing more of the internet connection than you're recommended to use for hours on end.

There is far more to uTorrent than just upload and download speed limits. The various other settings can have a minor to major effect on whether uTorrent runs smoothly or potentially crashes itself.

So I gather that your uTorrent is currently set to upload at 100 KiloBYTES/second and is able to sustain that for hours straight?

You could test your torrent download speed by trying to download the latest OpenOffice from a link found in the 1st link in my signature...which you should be most familiar with by now anyway. :lol:

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a short period of time long the problem disappeared and it worked without probs (and i don´t know how)!

then i just set the port to randomize evertime, then it went bad, now i unchecked it again and it´s worse than before with just 10 kb/s

i test it for a day and report again

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ok, the problem is solved :)

it was the ISP throtteling my internet,

but it has nothing to do with utorrent itself (just that because of the massive use of utorrent, our provider set the download limit low :)),


thanks to all

and problem solved

(and thanx for the things i learned about utorrent and its use)

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