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Utorrent does not work after the system infected by virus named MIXA


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My system runs Vista and it's just infected by a virus name Mixa, this is a very hard-headed guy. I have deleted them dozen times and when my system was clean, I restarted the PC and my to torrent can NOT continue to download.

W32.Mixa.Worm,W32.MixaB.Worm, W32.MixaC.Worm, W32.MixaD.Worm, W32.MixaE.Worm...


+ Start the process: Taskmanager, Regedit will lead to system LOG OFF

+ Copy It-self into system folder called Systemio.exe or dll...

+ Create "autorun.ini" in every partition.

Remove these file will lead to system startup problem. It will re-appear itself everytime we delete the file ini and exe, also make the files hiden.

Please help.

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System Restore has never worked for me, and I wouldn't trust that the restore points haven't been tampered with either (or that they'd be able to actually get rid of the infection). In all honesty, once a computer gets infected, I have little faith in any method to clean it other than to reinstall Windows entirely. That a software might say "yes, I've cleaned the infection" doesn't necessarily mean it actually did. If something could detect infections so perfectly, there wouldn't be any competition out there for security softwares.

This is why it's also a good idea to backup early, and backup often :P

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