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slow internet connection and icon color


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I have two issues.

I recently installed utorrent and have followed the setup guide but when utorrent is running, my internet browsing goes slow - the pages take long to load and I need help with that.

Secondly, I was told on this forum that I cannot port forward a wireless internet connection, but today I saw the green icon came on for a few minutes (although the port test failed), then it went red and now its yellow. Could you please tell me why the icon came on green and what I can do so that it will remain that way?

My settings are:

Connection Type : 384k

Upload Limit : 35kB/s

Upload Slots : 4

Connections : 80

Connections (Global) : 230

Max Active Torrents: 3

Max Active Downloads : 2

Encryption Enabled

DHT Enabled

net.max_halfopen :8

My download speed is 170kbps

My upload speed is 37kbps

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