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Port Forwarding Issues


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I have been having difficulties port forwarding on my HP Pavillion dv1680 laptop running Vista. I've followed all of the instructions on the www.portforward.com pages for setting up a static IP, and setting up Port Forwarding on my Trendnet TEW-452BRP. I've gone through all the set-ups several time, and yet the Port Checker still tells me that it does not appear to be open. I must be missing something, I would assume. Anyone have any ideas?

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Hi, Are you on DSL?? If so what is the make and model of your Modem??When you setup a Static IP did you assign it Outside the Range of your Routers DHCP Start & End IP??

here is a link on How to choose a Static IP:


This Link is if you have aDSL and a seperat modem:


Also do you have any Firewalls or Internet Security programs??

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