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How do I restrict connections?


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I use a really old router that cannot handle too many connections (probably DHT, because reducing other connections doesn't stop the effect) well. While I have 100-150 DHT connections, my upload speed is excellent (my download speed is a different story, but it is also reduced by the DHT connections), around 100 kBps, where 125 is how much I am getting from my ISP; as soon as they go up to 250-350, my speed goes down to about 10kBps, and not only in BitTorrent, but also in other programs, and what's more, it also goes down in all computers that use the router to about that much.

I messed with the router, and what the problem is, it only supports 8 mBps, and for every incoming connection, it blocks it, makes sure its port number is correct, makes sure it goes to BitTorrent, and then lets it go. So it gets bogged down when too many people are trying to connect. Even when I exit out BitTorrent, it still processes the queued connections, and its speed only gradually increases to normal. Similarly, when I start BitTorrent, if there are not many connections yet, especially if they have not had time to pile up on the router, the speed is good, but the more I wait, the more it decreases. In fact, it is more profitable for me to restart BitTorrent every hour, even with losing good connections and all.

So, my question is, how do I reduce DHT connections?

Plus, I realize that this is with BitTorrent, but since it bought µTorrent out, I figured asking here is okay; if BitTorrent cannot do it, but µTorrent can, I could switch to it.

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Alt-H-S shows current connections. Realistically though it's easier to start by lowering # of torrents allowed through the Queueing settings.

Once you find It works under X torrents you can continue from there re-increasing them, one at a time... but you shouldn't increase it past starting numbers.

As you increase # of torrent decrease the total connections per torrent accordingly... (X torrents, make 1/X*connections)

Does your router have any way to setup the timeframe it caches connections? The slow-resolution part sounds like as its buffer clears things get better... maybe you could just start by decreasing your total connections to 1/2 current... and see if it takes 2x as long to show this overload.

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