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All downloads deleted !


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hello I have a big problem! I've been using utorrent for months and i never encountered a bug like this one!

I was downloading several torrent files but when i open the utorrent window, they had all disapeared... like there where all deleted or something... now i have 0 (0) dowloading and 0 (0) seeding

what is going on??? how can i recover all my files? even the files that where done with the dowloading and that I was seeding where deleted...

please help me :(

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Searching for resume.dat will show you you're not alone.

Unfortunately there's not much you can do now if you didn't make a backup of your settings. http://utorrent.com/faq.php#How_can_I_backup_my_settings.3F

Did you lose power? Did your computer crah? Those are the two most common reasons for this. In the event of this uT tries to be smart about loading up a backup. However sometimes the backup is also corrupted (ut saves resume.dat to resume.dat.old and makes a new resume.dat every 30 seconds)... therefore theoretically when you opened uT and saw this there's a 30 second window to see and save your old settings.

If you have a backup of our resume.dat you can check out the Bencoded File Editor below... if not please advise further.

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