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Support for Vista's "Away Mode" (Extremely useful for Media Center)


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Just like to give massive kudos to the µTorrent developers! Such a fantastic piece of software!

A suggestion I would like to make would be to add an additional tick-box next to "Prevent the system from entering standby", which would enable µTorrent to use Vista's "Away Mode".

Away Mode allows applications to prevent the machine from entering a user-invoked standby or hibernate, until they have finished.

An example of this would be if there is a recording in progress in Media Center. Users can press the sleep button at any time. Without Away Mode enabled, this would result in the machine going straight into sleep, and thus would prevent the recording from completing. With away mode enabled, the machine would turn off video and sound output (Giving the appearance that the machine is off), but leave the machine running until the recording has completed, at which point the machine will go into suspend. While in away mode, users can manually bring the machine back (Ie: Cancel the pending suspend, which would occur after the application has completed what it was doing) by hitting a key on the keyboard.

More information is available here: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/pnppwr/powermgmt/awaymode.mspx (Refer to the .doc file on this website for the programming implementation)

Hence, µTorrent could tell the machine to enter Away Mode when the user hit the sleep button (Or went start -> shutdown: sleep) if there were active torrents, and once those torrents were completed (Via either webui stop, or the torrent meeting the seeding rules) the machine would then enter standby.

This would be hugely helpful for most, if not all, Vista Media Center users who also use µTorrent :)

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