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Diamond router


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I have a diamond supramax dsl642 wlgv2 router and i am trying to forward a port for utorrent through it. I have already checked the portforwarding.com website and no diamond routers are listed there.

i have alright down/up load speeds but i want to make sure that i am at full capacity (i get the no incoming connections, also i want to know a way to check if the port forwarding is working.

if someone could provide me instructions to forward a port through it or a similar router on portforwarding.com that has similar instructions.

also my router has UPnP capabilities and i have it turned on but i have no way of knowing that it is working.

thank you

p.s. i know how to set up a static ip address, so if i need it let me know.

"new post, wont let me double post"

ok i think i fixed it, the nat symbol is a check mark and it says its fine

all i had to do was forward the port through my firewall which i thought hadnt worked previously

however i would still like to learn how to forward a port on my router (diamond), the UPnP seems to be working for utorrent though.

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