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how can i search for a particular IP range from list of peers.


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Hello all, i have this heavy file i need to download and i just cant use my slow dial up so i talked to a friend and was able to setup utorent on his office pc that uses broadband connection.

i configured utorrent to start at system startups. now here is the thing, i want to be able to monitor the download from my laptop,

so i added the same torrent to my laptop's utorrent so that i can see his IP in my peer tab, but somehow, not all peers show up in the peer tab, why? is it not possible to configure it such that all peers shows up? or is there i way i can view list of all ips connected to a file, i only want to go visit him when my files are done.

2. again, another thing i noticed is that some seeder are always in my peer tab and i dont get any downloads from them, why? is there a way to force them to give up their share of the cookie? for example i have something like this 5(18)

3. just this morning, i noticed am uploading to a single guy and downloading nothing. while there are other seeders with 100%, why cant this guy get from them, why me, and i think he is responsible for my downloading nothing. i dont want to cut him off though

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You may not be connecting to all the peers in the swarm. If there are too many... you can start adding peers you DON'T want to add to ipfilter.dat http://utorrent.com/faq.php#What_is_ipfilter.dat.3F

Or setup webui on the computer... if it's forwarded it's only a different path ( Http://IP:PORT/gui/ ) to access it.

The tracker knows all peers who have connected within a set time.. but there's no way to know which one is him.

In your example you are connected to 5 peers, with 18 known (either peers or seeds)

Bittorrent is round robin... based upon people's connection settings you may be the only open person... it's all variable. http://dessent.net/btfaq/#what and don't forget to checkout the uT manual too.

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