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DHT Inactive? Not a normal issue.


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Hello, before I start Ild like you to be aware of the fact im not completely ignorant, so replies like "it means you didnt press start" are wastes of my time, please just assume I have the IQ of an ant before helping out here. With that said, I do have a serious issue on my hands. Ive been torrenting for months now with no problem, and two days ago something weird happened. Torrent said it encountered an error (not a named one, a windows "program error needs to shut down send error report?") And now after any file gets to the 8-20% mark it goes inactive. Yes I have the space, Yes I deleted a bunch of old stuff just to make sure, No I dont have other torrents running, No there hasnt been any changes in my computers main physiology over the past 2 days, Yes Ive used both start and force start on said torrents. They still have the inactive symbol with a DHT = Inactive at the bottom, ive deleted and restarted several random torrents, and they all get the same problem. So my question to you is, why?!?! and how to feex eet?

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You seem to be on Verizon fiber optic line...so your speeds SHOULD be high.

Have you tried the OpenOffice test torrent (mentioned in my 1st link in my signature)?

...This to see if it's a problem on 'known-to-be-very-fast' torrents.

Lots of software (commercial and malware) auto-updates. So a perfectly fine computer can break itself. :(

DHT requires incoming and outgoing UDP packets. So it's more likely to get blocked by software firewalls not recognizing the special nature of its traffic. So...what software firewall are you using?

Your ISP may have gotten a mad-on against BitTorrent as of late and started throttling it. Since you didn't mention your ISP, I can't tell you if it's your ISP's fault. :(

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