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Big slow speed problem!!!


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I bought two IDENTICAL computers about a month or so ago. Dell inspiron 1720. One was for me and the other for my brother. I downgraded to xp on his computer because he did not like vista. I kept vista. I have always used utorrent, and since i had my computer, never downloaded any torrents. My brother, on the other hand, had numerous gb of who knows downloaded. When i finally tried downloading a torrent, i get a top speed of 5kb/s whereas my brothers computer hovers at 150kb/s. I had the yellow thing and he had the green check mark. I researched and found out how to map the port on the router, which was weird since we were connected to the same router and my brothers computer did not require this to get the green check mark. I now have the green check mark and everything seems to be working fine, but im only getting speeds of 5 - 10kb/s. My internet overall is working as fast as my brothers, but the torrent speeds are SLOWWWW. I've searched for weeks, and tried every solution. I disapled upnp mapping, dht, etc etc, but cannot reach usable speeds. Please help!!

BTW my router is a Us Robotics usr8054

-I posted this a while ago, and a few people responded. The problem has gotten worse. Up until now, my brothers computer had xp sp2. It automatically installed and updated to sp3. Now im having the same problem on both computers. The speeds max at 12kb/s, and both have little yellow icon saying no incoming connections. My old computer, which has xp sp2 on it still, downloads torrents fine. i do not need any ports forwarded through my router. another really weird thing is, when i forward the port on my router, i get a green checkmark on myh computer with vista, and the one with xp sp3, but when i do not use the router,and plug ethernet cable directly into my modem, the yellow light comes back.

The xp with sp2 can plug in anywhere, or use wireless, and get the green checkmark with no ports forwarded, and speeds up to 150kb/s. This is really frustrating for not only me now, but now my brother. I will try any suggestions becase im going insane. thanks in advance for any help

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