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Wanting to verify proper speed


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I have been looking over the posts and talking with various friends about downloading and I wanted to make sure that I might just have a slow computer. I am using clearwire as an ISP I only have a 1.5 MB download speed. I am using a wireless router A d-link dir-625. I have port forwarded as well as changing the port to a higher #. I did a speed test on Mega Path which is the closest server to my location. I usually get around 600 kb sO i know that I am going to be downloading slow. I was just wondering if having a 1-5 kb/s rate is normal for the circumstances that I have. I have tried disabling some setting on my firewall, as well as limiting my upload speed. I have a total ratio rating of 2.034.

I have also tried plugging my modem directing into my computer circumventing the router and have found that this really doesn't help either. When I tried to download the slackware I got around the same speeds. It would cap out out at around 20 kb/s but then drop to below 10...

I just bought this computer so I am not sure if there is anything else I should be looking at.

I appreciate your help.

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