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Execute external command when a torrent finishes downloading


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... or/and after a certain amount of seeding is done

example: NET SEND <my ip address> "Torrent %f finished downloading"

where %f is substituted by the torrent name

This would be useful for notifying the user if you're running utorrent on

a computer other than your 'work' PC. In my case it would save me from

opening VNC and checking up on the torrents.

maybe email notification?

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Sorry if this has been requested elsewhere (I couldn't find anything) or if this should be in a new thread :/

Would it be possible to have the same feature when a torrent reaches it's seeding ratio (aka Finished)?

I don't want to start another war about shutting down my computer when uTorrent finishes, but I am one of the ones who would like this feature. Being able to execute a program is good enough since it allows me to run a script to shutdown my computer, but I want to make sure I've seeded enough before the shutdown occurs. Right now my only option is to run the script as soon as the download completes; consequently, I would not seed enough :(

Btw, I've been a user of uTorrent since 1.1, and I absolutely love it! By far the best and cleanest torrent program I've used! Great job!

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Ooh... good point... I never thought about the fact that you can run a shutdown script for this O.O

One downside I see to running shutdown upon download/seeding target completion is that if you have multiple torrents downloading/seeding, and one completes, then it'll shutdown and every other torrent stops along with that completed one...

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Works fine.... However, there is a small problem in the torrent properties dialog:

If you switch to the 'Advanced ' tab, the field where you put the command doesn't

get focus. If you type anything before actually clicking on the field you will overwrite

the trackers in the 'General' tab. oops...

Maybe it would be better to move this option to the global options instead of the

torrent properties and implement a parameter that is substituted by the torrent name

before running the command. e.g. net send <ip> "%f has finished" would send the

message "<torrentname> has finished"

This way you dont' have to set the option on each torrent.

Doing something similar when you have reached a certain seeding ratio would be nice.

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