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Best Settings for Comcast High Speed Internet


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Saw the thread for Rogers High Speed Internet and ran a search for Comcast and there was none so I decided to make this thread as a central point for us Comcast customers.

I get about 250KB per sec max (usually 50-150) on this line here in the Bay Area, CA using the settings page on the sticky.

Share your settings, help each other out, trade tips you may have for other uTorrent users.

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I'm also on Comcast.

I found I could push my upload speeds as high as 40 KB/sec and still surf the internet, though it's a bit laggy.

Reducing upload speeds to just 37 or 38 KB/sec made surfing smooth.

I run with fewer upload slots per torrent than most -- set to only 3 (or 2 for small torrents). I have the allow additional upload slots checked, but it almost never needs to use that.

Since the torrents I'm trying to get seldom have more than 10 seeds+peers, I seldom reach speeds greater than 60 KB/sec. But I have seen speeds of 200+ KB/sec on µTorrent. I've even seen speeds over 700 KB/sec on BitTornado with a very well-seeded torrent, but that was because 1 seed was uploading at over 600 KB/sec to me.

Like I said, I don't expect to see superhigh speeds because the torrents I'm after are poorly seeded -- some of them have only a single 'roaming' seed to try to maintain 10+ torrents, and it only uploads around 3 KB/sec.

That's why I try to mix fast and slow torrents together at the same time -- though I seldom have more than 5 torrents active at once.

Needless to say, my max connections and connections per torrent settings don't matter -- as I can't get lots of peers+seeds anyway. But I do have max connections set to 80 and connections per torrent set to 60. I presume I'll only have 1 'big' torrent going at a time and only 1 or 2 other torrents, so it won't hurt other torrents as much as it sounds.

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I posted a few days earlier on another thread that it was badly broken when I used these settings:

Down Speed: 1024

Up Speed: 128

User Type: Seed

(and there were minor problems even when set as 'average')

I just checked and see you've partially fixed that but I totally don't agree than 9 upload slots is a good idea with only 11 KB/sec total upload speed...ESPECIALLY if you're running multiple torrents at once!

Being a seed doesn't mean it's any better for you to have lots of upload slots than if you're just downloading files and sharing them back to ~110% ratio. It's quicker to reach that ratio with fewer slots. It also gets complete chunks out quicker to have 5 or fewer upload slots than 9 or more. That is why I reduce upload slots while seeding.

Since you already completed the torrent, you don't care about tit-for-tat -- nobody's going to give you back what you already have. The only problem is BitComet (and clones) can get a bigger piece of your upload pie without passing on more of that favor to others.

Also, even while downloading a torrent, if I run with fewer upload slots than most the few people I am uploading to are more likely to upload back because I would appear to be among the faster uploaders to them. The problem is, not setting upload slots too low. One piece of good (or bad) news is the optimistic unchoke does not seem to count as one of my max upload slots.

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A good rule-of-thumb for upload slots is to allow no more than 1 upload slot for every 3 KB/sec of bandwidth.

So with 9 KB/sec max upload, that's 3 upload slots max.

If you were doing 2 torrents at a time, you have to reduce that to 2 upload slots each.

It's better to give each upload slot 5+ KB/sec, but with slow connections that's not an option.

With faster upload speeds, upload slots can still be kept pretty low in number (like 5) so long as the allow additional upload slots if <90% speed box is checked.

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