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UT exceeds upload bandwith, uses much CPU and can't surf on Internet


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I've got some problems with UT 1.7.7.

First of all sometimes UT exceeds the bandwidth by up to 45 kbyte/s.

I've changed the half opened connections (from 8 to 4) and the upload slots per torrent (from 6 to 2).

Second problem is the cpu usage. It sometimes nearly freezes my computer. I had 8 downloads going at the same times, changed it to 4. (But actually I want 8, because then I don't need to run UT for so long).

Third problem sometimes when I had 8 downloads it froze my Firefox Browser. I could not surf, it just blocked everything for around 5 min. In the same time I couldn't start any programm at all.

Can you help me?

By the way I'm using Zonealarm and Antivir.

My settings are: Global maximum connection: 600, maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 100, uploadslots: 2

How can I change the settings to get a nice working UT, like I had some months ago?

Thanks in advance.


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You cannot sustain 8 torrents downloading.... your connection doesn't handle it.

exceeding by that high a margin isn't unheard of for those settings. Half open @ default 8 wouldn't necessarily beget such overages.... however you've got something amiss. What is your normal upload throughput?

What happens when you don't use ZoneAlarm? It causes excess CPU usage, and it's traacking of connections can explain your problem with surfing.

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Hey Jewelisheaven, my upload limit is 50kbyte.

I've turned ZA off and use the Windows Firewall. I tell you later if it changed.

I've read about the problem of having too many connections. Can this be the cause for my surfing problem?

Actually I had around 10 downloads without any problems for a long time. And then out of a sudden the CPU usage rose and the surfing problems occured.

I also tried Vuze (Azureus), but didn't like it. It uses too much CPU and doesn't get Port Forwarding working, therefor it is very slow compared to UT.

What does half-open mean? Is it for uploading or downloading?

I would be glad if the advanced settings would be explained. What every option stands for and what a good value would be. Why is it not in the FAQ?

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If Zone Alarm is the culprit for both cases... it must be uninstalled. It is not a user-mode application like uT. This means it's not just in-memory... it hooks into the OS. If you were around for pre-XP, you'll remember TSRs.

For the life of me though I still say something else is amiss if you're almost dobuling your upload.... is it in bursts? Half-open refers to the Ctrl-P -> Advanced -> net.max_halfopen setting. Many people change it, and make it higher which doesn't help anything on most systems and in many cases makes more trouble. * next to it means it was changed. RESET makes it 8 again.

Read the manual for more information ;) The FAQ isn't the manual, heh.

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But I'm scared of the threat of the internet. There are too many hackers and what ever. I want to be safe and don't trust so much in the Windows Firewall.

Is there another free Firewall, which is safe and works well with UT?

I've downloaded the help file, might have a look into soon. ;-)

The problem about CPU usage is, that in the beginning everything is alright and after a while it gets worse.


I've read in a thread about comodo firewall. I installed it and till now I'm satisfied with it.

ZoneAlarm sucks. ;)

CPU usage is not as much as before, so everything works fine. Also the problems about Utorrent not shutting down disappeared.

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